Transforming Life One Wave at a Time

The Labuschagne Foundation supports research in neuroscience and bioengineering to better understand how the neural waves of natural energy that move throughout the body can be utilized for therapeutic applications for improved cognitive and behavioral outcomes.

It is also a platform for education and communication of Body Electric


— Think Outside the Brain.



The Labuschagne Foundation recognizes that the mind is not only an expression of how all the neurons throughout our body interact, but also how they interact with a vastly larger community of neural networks. Those interactions become etched into our neural circuitry.


It is what makes each of us unique.


The Labuschagne Foundation believes in the natural energy of Body Electric.

That by strengthening our synaptic connections, we become better and help a larger community to be better.




Body Electric is not a new concept. In 1855, American poet Walt Whitman praised our physicality as being electrified by all the ways it interacts with body, mind, and soul. "I Sing the Body Electric" celebrates the natural energy within us. Walt Whitman included it in Leaves of Grass, a grouping of his early poems that he self-published 1855.


The title of his poem "I Sing the Body Electric"implies a poetry based on science, which is what we now call neuroscience.


This field of study has greatly evolved since Whitman sang the body electric. We now understand how the natural energy within us impacts on who we are and the world at large. The idea of Body Electric has become integral to our culture.


Body Electric is our terminology for research in neuromodulation and neuroplasticity to better utilize our body’s energy of natural electrical signals to strengthen neural connections.


This results in increased neural communication that allows our bioelectric selves to perform better.

Body Electric recognizes that the mind is not simply a place, but the synchronized activity of the body and the brain, which need to work together for optimal performance.


The language of our thoughts is the conversation of 86 billion neurons throughout our body. It is a fluid dialogue of trillions of synapses that pulse in the brain, body, and mind in waves of electrical data.


These waves of data can be modulated by noninvasive electrical stimulation, which can help facilitate healing, improve recovery, or optimize physical performance and mental acuity.


Body Electric is based on the understanding that our body’s electricity is a natural part of our body’s energy ecosystem. We are electric.



"Jean Labuschagne has a dream to change how electrical currents are delivered to the human body that will result in significant health and overall quality of life improvements. The Labuschagne Foundation is the result of several years of work to realize his vision with solid science. His goal is to not only continue being a successful business leader, but to bring positive developments in this exciting field of neuromodulation.”

- Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD, MPH, MMSc; Director of The Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center and Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School



"We are the sum of our neural connections."

Jean is the founder of The Labuschagne Foundation, which is focused on supporting research in neuroscience

and bioengineering. 


He is the Co-founder of the Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center, a research facility of Harvard Medical School.


Jean is a leader in the field of noninvasive neuromodulation and has founded several neuromodulation technology businesses that all contributed to technology development in this field. He continues to broaden the scope of his involvement in next generation smart-neuromodulation/digital therapeutic technologies to benefit a wider population, focussing on mental health, neurological disorders and cognitive enhancement for the healthy consumer market.





To further research, we have donated The Spaulding-Labuschagne Neuromodulation Center in conjunction with the Spaulding Hospital for Rehabilitation.


The Spaulding-Labuschange Neuromodulation Center is dedicated to the rigorous scientific exploration that aims to improve the body and mind.


Led by Dr. Felipe Fregni, the Center investigates the main techniques of neuromodulation including the mechanisms of action and their use for rehabilitation.


These techniques are used as tools to improve rehabilitation for many conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain,

phantom limb pain, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury.



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